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Amid the challenges presented by the Coronavirus (Covid-19), Unique Auto Care is open and ready to serve you. We are closely following CDC guidelines for sanitation and social distancing. If your vehicle needs repair or service, please contact us today we are providing free pick up and delivery during Stay at Home.

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Here’s what some of our Victorville, CA customers are saying about us:

Awesome place- Service was amazing! Chip and the mechanics had full knowledge of what we needed- I would highly recommend Unique Auto Care for all your vehicle needs.

Joe Sabolick Google Review

Time is quickly moving forward, businesses constantly shortchanging the consumers, leaving us to deal with inadequate services, coupled with high prices. Taxes, food, health and auto repairs are on a constant rise. Some auto repair shop prices are through the roof, whether it's an old or new vehicle. Fortunately, I discovered a Diamond in the rough regarding auto repairs, Unique Auto Care (located in the city of Victorville). An auto repair shop that provides a people friendly environment, with Old School type services, coupled with the most progressive auto skills and equipment a mechanic can possess. Simply put, a reminiscent of the past, how auto repair shops operated. My first experience with Albert (owner-manager) was pleasurable and informative. Albert assessed the issues that was plaguing my vehicle, while performing a diagnostic test on my vehicle. He provided me with feedback regarding the issues with my vehicle and explained what cause the issues, how it was affecting my vehicle and how he was going to resolve the issues. Albert communicated in plain English and not mechanics --Jargon. Unique will stay above board with repair cost and you will know what you're getting into, prior to the first wrench touching your vehicle. Try out the Diamond in the Rough, Unique Auto Care. You won't Regret It, I Didn't!!! .

Roosevelt Matthews Unique Auto Care Customer Review

If I could give more stars for this review I would. Great customer service, knowledgeable, honest and got the job done faster than they quoted me. I can't say enough good things about Albert the Owner and mechanic! I took my car in because I threw some rods and I had an extended warranty through a third party. The insurance company turned my claim down because they claim they found a loop hole. This is when Albert stepped in and fought for me because he knew it wasn't right for the claim to be denied! Eventually because of Albert's expertise the insurance company approved my claim. Albert saved me thousands of dollars and got me a new engine for my car. I highly recommend Unique Auto Care because they put the customer first and their work is done right! Thanks Albert, me and my family appreciate everything you did for us!

Paul Munoz Google Review

4 Stars!

Love Bangerz Google Review

I own a 2004 BMW 325ci with 175, 000 miles and needed to get it looked at due to overheating. After calling several shops and being told it sounded like a possible blown head gasket and most likely 2500 to 3000 dollars later, I lost all hope. Until I made one last attempt and called Unique Auto care. Alberto and Javier treated me better than BMW ever has. Turns out their honesty and integrity showed by telling me to not worry it wasn't a head gasket (3000) but a faulty thermostat. I saved thousands with them. Highly Highly recommend them. Thank you Unique Auto Care.

Papo Garcia Google Review

great mechanics albert and Javi are awesome they got my truck fixed for me definitely recommend these guys best mechanics in the HD!

Andrew R Google Review

Great place. Very helpful and honest. I highly recommend them.

Edith Caldera Google Review

5 Stars!

Allan Sepulveda Google Review

Great mechanics. They were able to diagnose and fix an engine light that a few other places couldn't even figure out. I highly recommend them, they do great work

Soldier of the Cross Google Review

5 Stars!

Kevin Orellana Google Review

Love this place. i take My mustang there, highly recommed this place ! Great people always polite.

charlotte vanderlaan Google Review

J.R. was great. Awesome place great fast service and awesome prices. Thanks guys!

christopher gokee Google Review

Professional service, low prices!

Juan Garcia Google Review

Good work, good prices

Edwin Orellana Google Review

5 Stars!

Sharilin Rose Valencia Google Review

i picked up my car yesterday from unique auto care and i must say my car is running great they did a great job fixing my car not to mention the awesome service.. i highly recommend them!

Michael Martinez Google Review

I only go here to have my truck serviced gmc certified the owner and his wife are like family . Been coming here for nine years and all the service I received here has been more then perfect. I recommend this place if your having car trouble

Big capo Landry Google Review

Sometimes you find a place that just feels right with GOOD people there. Thats what my experience was like at unique auto care. They didnt lead me on or play with me as a customer. They were very professional and managed to do a job that a few others had turned away. Not only was the price great but in the end i left feeling like it was meant for me to hear about them and take a leap of faith as a new customer. Now when i have any problems or have to refer someone i wont have to ponder about previous experiences at other shops, I will know where to go and can have the peace of mind knowing that i will get A+ service and an honest experience. Thank you very much guys. The least i can do for the Great Job!!!

TRUEAM I Google Review

I got tired of feeling ripped off by other car repair shops. Seemed like I would take it in for one repair and within a week had to take it in for a different repair. I even got told by another place that my back brakes needed to be replaced, and that my front ones where good. Turned out the back ones were fine but I was almost on metal on my front brakes. I got on Yelp to look for somewhere new, read the reviews on Unique and figured I would give them a try. I am glad I did. They were upfront with me about everything, they didn't try to use the emotion repair or try to "repair" things that didn't need repair. Being a woman I am very comfortable going here.

Tracey C. Yelp Review

I love the great customer service
Friendly staff and professional work. Guys name is Albert. I've tried a bunch of other machines in my life time but when it comes to knowledge in machines, Alberts your guy.

Joe R. Yelp Review

Great mechanic. Made me feel like I was dealing with family. Needed major work under the hood which included new wiring. Everything was done so quickly as if I were the only car at the shop. All the parts were saved for me to look at after repairs which I've never experienced before. Women usually feel like we're being had when it comes to these types of dealing I did not. Thanks for being one of the most easy going, friendliest, most comfortable mechanic I've ever worked with.

Dahlia P. Yelp Review

This is the most honest,friendly and helpful Mechanic shop in the Inland Empire let alone the high Desert financing on large issues also available and did I say HONEST we thought our transmission went out ..once diagnosed it was something a fraction of that cost and they did not take advantage ANY work done on our vehicles in the future minor or major will be done by these guys ... Albert...is a God send super Recommend this shop!!!!!!

Edith C. Yelp Review

I needed a used motor and I needed one fast and unique auto care came to my rescue. Every one on their staff is highly respected and they due awesome work. I even got a warranty that was right and on point. Other places I went to wanted to charge an arm and a leg. Unique Auto Care fixed my motor in a timely manner to get me back on the road. There prices are very fair. Thank you unique Auto Care for the excellent customer service, I am happy to be back in my vehicle you guys are a true blessing. Before you go anywhere else I highly recommend that you call them first.

Greg B. Yelp Review

This shop is a hidden gem.
But seriously, the workers are honest and fair.
I've found myself a good mechanic and would definitely recommend this place to everyone

Leanna M. Yelp Review

I recently went in with my friend to Unique Auto Care because he needed his car to be checked out. It was making a funny, squeaky noise every time he touched the brakes. I always cracked up when it did.

I didn't want to go in with him. I thought it would be an entire day wasted over something so little. You wouldn't believe how happy I was when they got it done within the hour and we were out of there!

Having a service that fast was a surprise to me. I was also just happy that we didn't have to sit there all day. The squeaking has also stopped; so it's a win/win for everyone!

Alicia R. Yelp Review

Transmission went out in the minivan during a family vacation. We were stranded and desperate and very relieved to find these guys in Victorville. They are very honest and helpful - we even called our "regular" transmission guy back home to check the pricing and these guys were dead on. They could've easily up charged us in our situation but they did not. I give a business like this a lot of credit and highly recommend.

Stephanie B. Yelp Review

My 373,000 mile Jeep manual transmission failed in Victorville, CA. When I requested the Tow Truck Driver to take it to Shop "A", he said "OK" but his body language said "You'll be sorry". He recommended Unique Auto Care as being honest. Trusting his word, I asked that the Jeep be dropped there. In such situations, the best shop recommendation is one based on honesty, and that's what you'll find at Unique.

Longish story short, I left the Jeep and they called Enterprise Rental Car for me. Four days later, they called. They had planned to rebuild my transmission, but after opening it up, they went ahead and found a reman replacement unit. (My tranny was TRASHED). They even cleaned and repainted the transmission skid plate. Upon disassembly, two U-joints were found worn and they replaced those. The Jeep runs like new, and has gained 2 mpg.

The cost was very fair, the service very quick, and the personnel very friendly. I'd trust them any day.

Gary P. Yelp Review

Heading home to Santa Clarita from Big Bear and my Ford Explorer over heated in Victorville. I found Unique Auto and had my car towed there by 4 pm. They were gracious enough to give it priority and even stayed late to get it done. They did a great job and I think the rates would of been the same at my hometown mechanic. THANK YOU for getting me back on the road. I appreciate your customer service!!!!

Daniel J. Yelp Review

Broke down on the 15 headed for a Vegas weekend. It was 4pm by the time the tow truck arrived and my worries escalated thinking we would be stuck for the weekend and our plans were shot.

The tow truck driver recommended Unique based on past customers and I am so happy! My belt was delivered in 10 min, they quickly got to work and stayed happily past closing time to finish. I am so impressed and thankful!! In and out and back on the road on one hour!

Thank you Unique for saving my weekend!!!

Amanda G. Yelp Review

The gentleman was extreme professional and fast I will definitely continue coming here for my car problems.
Very affordable.

Kailadnni T. Yelp Review

So I bought a 1956 F100 in Big Bear and had lofty aspirations of driving my newly acquired vehicle back home to Oregon.

What is it that John Steinbeck said, "The best laid plans of mice and men... often go awry!" Man could that not be more true.

I started having over heating issues coming down the North side of Big Bear. I was able to limp it to Victorville and on the tip of a local I had my truck towed to Unique Auto Care and met Alberto G. and his wife and the crew of Unique Auto Care. Great bunch of guys. As a traveling guy finding a shop that you can trust feels like picking winning lottery ticket numbers.

However, lady luck smiled on me and Unique auto took awesome care of me. They treated me like family from the get go. They realized the situation I was in and were kind enough to drive me to a local hotel and also pointed out some local eats I should try out (Thanks for the tip on Apollo's Burgers - What an absolutely legit burger).

So Alberto told me what all he was going to do and kept me apprised of the situation at every step and there were no surprises at all. Talk about a straight up guy. I was pretty much between a rock and a hard place and Alberto and his crew took amazing care of me. I wish he would move to Oregon so that I could have a shop I trust emphatically up here but that is me being selfish.

I hope the locals of Victorville and surrounding areas read my review and take their vehicles here as honesty, integrity and knowledge are the foundation of this business.

I am so thankful that I was taken to Unique Auto Care.

I am not going to go into too much detail but they went above and beyond what I would expect a repair shop to do and I can not say thank you enough for all that they did for me.

To Alberto and his lovely wife and the crew of Unique Auto Care, thank you for taking amazing care of me and being honest with me - that kind of treatment is priceless!!! I am shocked this place is not rated higher as they are easily a 4.5-5* shop. I am giving a 5* because there is no 6*.

You all are awesome at what you do.

Muchas Gracias,
~Andy ICU RN

Andrew P. Yelp Review

Great service. Work done on my car was as good or better than the dealer. I highly recommend this business to all in the high desert. Ask for Albert he is the owner. Albert has the most high level auto technician certifications of completion I have ever seen on display at his shop on Union street.

Larry H. Yelp Review

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